Here you can find information about the available PhD and Master project positions.

Please note that the best way to get a PhD position in our cluster is to go through a final Master project with us. The best way to get a final Master project in our cluster is to go through our courses Advanced CMOS Design (5SFC0) and Data Converters 2: Design (5SFD0).

A Master project in ADC design for on-chip power management

There is an excellent opportunity for a student project (internship/final Master project(s)) in the area of digital power management.

Digital power management in small geometry CMOS requires the use of multiple high quality ADCs which need to be very energy efficient and capable of working to full specification in a noisy environment. Within this application environment, we shall concentrate on the challenges of the ADC. The field of research will concern: 10-bits INL/DNL in 0.5V voltage range; < 0.5mA total bias current including all support circuits; Maximum 30ns conversion time; Practically 0 current when not active; Instant start/stop operation; Fully differential implementations.

The project(s) will take place in Ireland. More information can be found here in this project description
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